April Showers 1


Hello, my beautiful, fine feathered friends! It’s been a while, but I’m back! The past few weeks has been odd and busy, so my extended absence is warranted. I hope. There have been a lot of changes here in Casa Jenna, and a lot more coming, so I’ve been a little overwhelmed.

Within the past few weeks, I have: quit my job, gone to Miami, started grad school, decided on a move, started looking for jobs, etc, etc, etc…and I’ve been trying to get my diet and workouts back under control at the same time. It simultaneously feels like time is at a stand still and like time is moving so so fast. I’ve been trying to manage my time really well, and keep myself organized, but it definitely hasn’t come easy. I’ve been trying to combine things to maximize time, but in reality, have had to resort to planning out my days by the hour.

But it’s SPRING! A time for new beginnings, and even though I’m overwhelmed, I’m really so excited. That feeling where the main thing you can you can do is basically wait for things to happen and your crazily antsy? Pretty much my main feeling right now.  I’m at a weird kind of turning point in my life right now, and I’ve decided that it’s time to follow my dreams, but you know, turns out you need to know exactly what you’re aiming for? Kind of? Or not? Who knows, I’m kind of just trying everything that’s in my wheelhouse.

But for today, I’ve been focusing on paperwork, school work, and food, so it’s been pretty quiet, overall. I just got back in town from Louisville, KY yesterday, so today is essentially my Monday. I still need to grocery shop and meal plan for the rest of the week, but first I have a meeting for a class, so reading, reading, reading. It’s been great that keeping a tight schedule has been really helpful in keeping my other goals on track, too.

But you know, as they say…April showers, May flowers, all that! One day at a time, for now, and I’m keeping some rewards on deck for keeping to my plans! How do you motivate yourself?


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