Sunday Funday 2

Hello, gorgeous!

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means! Well, maybe not, but anyway…it means prepping for the week ahead in Jenna-Land. I actually got up pretty early today, all things considered, since I went to bed at about 3:30 am last night! Up at about 9, so I had plenty of time to take a leisurely shower and get ready this morning, with many cat breaks. Being Sunday, I took serious advantage of that, going to get my coffee at about 2 pm. Ah, what a day! Definitely one of my favorites. Coffee in hand, it’s time to get started on my day and I actually have quite a few things that I like to do on Sundays.

I find that making Sunday organized and making a plan really sets the tone for a week, and for me, if I DON’T so that, I often just kind of flounder throughout the rest of the week–my natural instinct is more of a “laissez-faire” kind of thing. I like to think of it like I’m setting myself up for success. 🙂 So, my first

So, my first priority is always food! If I have food made for the week, several things happen:

  • I eat healthier!

I tend to prep food that’s pretty healthy in general…I like to focus on plants and limit my meat and sugar intake in general.

  • I eat out less

It is much much easier to convince myself to go home to eat when I’m hungry when I know I can heat up something previously made in less than 10 minutes.

  • I eat SO much less

Since I don’t get as hungry eating faster, I don’t overeat as much (a for sure bad habit of mine)! So this week I have several things on the agenda, to prep, including some

sausage and pepper hash and a white bean and kale soup that are some of my old go-tos that I fell out of making too often. Now seems as good a time as any to make them up, since I’m trying to get back on the food and workout wagon. There was a while that I was working out like 3 hours a day, but these days I’m lucky to hit 3 hours a week, and I’m definitely starting to feel the increase in flab. BUT the most important part of weight loss and health is in food first, so I want to make sure I get that back in line first. Then once I’m fueling up properly, I can start adding more workouts in…slowly (no injuries here, please!).


Once I’m done with this stuff, I plan to do some of the -around the house- things that seem like they always need to be done; cleaning, laundry, cat stuff–and then it’s on to the real plan for next week!

I’m a serious calendar user to keep myself on track, with probably 4 that I use from day to day, so every Sunday, I make sure that I have everything plotted out for the rest of the week, from meals to school work to to-dos, just so that I can see everything visually. I have quite a bit to get done this week, including job responses and applications, organizing my portfolio, auditions, and looking for apartments, so I have things listed by day and time. For me, it’s really easy to let everything go, so I have to keep a tight hold on myself, haha.

Overall, for me, it’s going to be a very low-key day today so I can build my chill up for the rest of the week before things get crazy…

Anyone have any techniques for their time management??



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