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I’m in Louisville, KY today!

I’ve been spending a lot of time down here lately, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s funny, Louisville was really not on my radar at all until relatively recently. I met someone last year (yes, on a dating app), who I met in Ohio, but was actually living in Louisville. He invited me down to visit, and even though I had visions of Tinder murderers and such in my head in place of the usual unicorns and the sunshine I encourage, I accepted. You have to take risks, right? And let’s be real, I gave the address I was going to 4 different people and checked in on the hour, just in case. Anyway, the person I met took me to a tailgate–my first ever, incidentally!–where I met my boyfriend, with whom I made a weird, instant connection, the likes of which I actually didn’t really believe in previously (let’s hope he doesn’t read this too closely, or I’ll hear something about this, haha). Uh. Also, sorry, original guy.

But, since I’ve been coming down here quite a bit for some time, I’ve been starting to feel a little like this is a second home for me! And since I’m here this weekend, I thought I’d just mention some of my favorite things down here!

Obviously, my first favorite is the reason I come down…but second is food!! I’ve been a little irked at Louisville being called a food city, while Columbus is just as competitive, but nevertheless, I can appreciate that the food down here is damn fine. One of my favorite places to go is El Taco Luchador on Baxter Avenue. The tacos are great and consistent, with my personal favorite things there the fish and pastor tacos…and please please please do not forget the Maduros–sweet plantains with crema and queso. Holy smokes. So delicious. I’ve been to several taco places down here, and while this is my favorite, this has been my favorite. Parking can be tough, but worth it for sure. The last time I came down, we parked a bit away and walked here and to le ‘Bucks for a lovely macchiato. We might have also gotten pie. I like food. Ha.

I was also super pleasantly surprised to find a pretty excellent Korean place! I’ve found that outside of areas with really well-established Korea-towns (looking at you LA and NY!) good Korean restaurants can be really hard to come by. But Sarang (which means love in Korean) on Bardstown Road, not only has great food, they play K-pop on the TVs inside! And I heard Korean in the kitchen! Yay! I might have practiced my Korean, but I’m a coward. Both the bibimbap (pictured below) and the Japchae were awesome.

Something else I really like about Louisville? The amount of green space and walkable places. The bridge pictured up at the top of my post is a great walk that crosses the water and the cuts right into a little area right by the waterfront. I’m excited to check it out in the summer time. The area is filled with distilleries, vineyards, and bars and clubs if you’re into that sort of thing (I am, but you won’t see any pictures of me there…).

It may not be that far away from home for me, but sometimes you don’t have to go far to get out of your box and explore! And I’m really happy that I made that kind of dangerous, impulsive decision all that time ago because now I have another home.

I’m only here for today, so I’m going to eat and visit with my fave, but…where could you travel that isn’t that far?



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