Queen City

Back again, dears!

I’ve been off in the abyss again, but I’m back and ready to party! Finally sitting down for a minute to eat and take care of some stuff here with a good old bento box and a macchiato, as per usual. That’s after I spent the past weekend taking care of some business in Cincinnati. It was a long and stressful weekend, and I definitely felt a bit overwhelmed, but I was still able to have a lot of great experiences with the fave in Cincy.

We didn’t get to Cincinnati until late-ish and I hadn’t eaten at all, so the first stop there was already obviously food. So we went down to the University of Cincinnati’s campus to eat and shop and waste time for the evening. We did a great job, because driving around in the dark and rain to check out neighborhoods was not the easiest.


We didn’t have a ton of money to spend this weekend, and we needed to spend quite a bit of time doing “have-to” tasks instead of “want-to” tasks. There’s so much involved in moving cities, changing circumstances, and all of the surrounding complications…it actually took up most of our time. We spent hours driving around the city, investigating neighborhoods, looking at properties, and so on…but, we didn’t really find anything that we loved.

But in between!–we watched hours of binge-type Netflix (Hellooooo Supernatural!), cuddled a doggo, explored, and ate a ton of food.


Ah, well! We have time, and we had a couple of days this time.  On one of those days, I saw a dessert place that served crepes. I love crepes, so I absolutely wanted to go there. Well, surprise surprise, it also served gelato and macarons, so it basically served all of my favorite things. Holy smokes. Easily one of my favorite things from the weekend, and did I get both gelato AND macarons? Of course! You gotta LIVE, man!


So we got some stuff done, but mostly we did my favorite things to do to learn about a city: eat and walk. On our way to a Korean place, there was a house that appeared as if straight from a book. “It seems like a hobbit lives here!” I spent a lot of time wondering about the story behind that house.That house…is a labor of love for sure. What would motivate someone to build a house like that? How did they get the income? Are they retirement age with money to spare, or did they go into debt to live exactly the way they wanted? Was…was there a blueprint? Was it built all at once, or piece by piece? Do the people (does the person?) that live there still feel the wonder and surprise that we felt walking past it? I have so many questions. And weirdly, that house has kind of become a weird symbol in my mind…of freedom, weirdness, risk. I don’t know but MAN! do I love it. You have to build what you want, right?


I’m trying to keep it in mind, as this weekend ended up being kind of a bummer, in the end. I didn’t work out a single time. We didn’t see a place we loved, parking…hm. But this weekend was still an adventure! It may not have turned out how we wanted it, but I got good food, sunlight, and snacks. After all, adventures with my buddy are the best part of life. <3 Until we meet again, Cincy!



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