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Happy Thursday!


Today, I’m checking in late because I spent most of the day working on my final project for grad school, which was due today. I was up until about 5:30 am working on it, and today had to give a presentation to the class about an integrated marketing communications plan–including budget–to the class. Whew. The semester is over on Saturday, and I could NOT be more ready! It’s been a really stressful week, with travel on the weekend, and papers and projects every other day since. Plus, you know…rape is a pre-existing condition, apparently. πŸ™ Yay. Thanks, Congress! I’ve definitely been feeling a bit overwhelmed…even had a few crying spells and one migraine over the course of the weekend.

I definitely have a tendency to stress easily. I worry a lot, I think a lot, I tend to think a lot about doing the wrong thing, or hurting people. Gosh, any number of things really. I tend to stress eat. Sometimes, I veg out due to stress, you know…6 hours plus of TV? I prefer to stress workout, ha! But even that, I need to be careful with, because when I am stressed out, I can go so far as to overwork myself, previously causing myself injuries many times.

Stress can have a really terrible effect on your health and mind, hence the migraine mentioned above. It can upset your stomach, cause muscle aches, even lead to heart disease. Losing your hair, being unable to sleep, BELLY FATΒ (lol)! I think learning to manage stress is truly so important.

So, these days, I have been trying to focus more on not stressing out so much, especially seeing as I tend to stress over stuff I have no real worries over, or at least things I can’t do anything more about. Even worse, once I get all stressed out? I don’t even tend to get anything useful accomplished! I have to take some breaks. Sometimes, I think you have to keep telling yourself: “You can spare an hour!” Sometimes it feels like you can’t spare even a second, but I know at least for me that often does way more harm than good, so I MAKE myself take at least an hour (often two) every day.

Some of the things I do to counteract (or reduce) stress:

  • Workout

Oh, my gosh, I can’t even tell you–sometimes, especially when I’m stressed out, taking that first step is so (SO) hard, but it is always worth it! I have never, ever regretted going to work out, and there’s something infinitely soothing about throwing on some hip-hop or super serious hard rock and lifting heavy things. Of, course, if you”re the “take a swing” type, there’s always boxing. Throw down on something safe.

  • Bath time!

For real. I don’t mean a ‘run water, get in the water, get out of water’ thing, I mean the whole shebang: Bubbles, oil, exfoliant. Shave (if you’re into that sort of thing), trim and shape your nails, treat your hair, wear a face mask (I can give recommendations, lol–and might!). Slather yourself in lotion. I’m talking self-care here, really spend some time on yourself.

  • Quiet time

This one can really vary. Sometimes I read (Right now? “Look Who’s Back”, by Timur Vermes), sometimes I meditate or do yoga. Dance. Play video games. Write a poem. Hell, write a novel! Smell the flowers, look at art. Every person is different, and really with this, I pretty much mean take some solitude. I know I need it sometimes…often.

  • Cuddle

Or a held hand. Take advantage of your friends, family, sig-oth, you know (I’m on a tight sched)…that’s what they’re there for! You’d be there for them, and for the most part, they want to do the same.Β And of course, sometimes you just need a hug.

Any other tips?? What do you do?




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