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Gooood afternoon! I’m up early, holy smokes!

For once, today, I’ve been up for hours (through no fault of my own), so I figured I may as well get the day started! I’ve been to yoga today, picked up lunch and coffee (if you’re wondering, my quest to reduce my coffee intake is not going well), and now I’m here to work on some stuff! After I take down some thoughts of course.



I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I spent mine mostly relaxing with the bf and working on school work. We got ramen, and ramen, and stayed in a little. All around an excellent weekend. My semester ended on Saturday, so I had several things to get done…but this week is free (from school work)! WHEW. I mean…I start again on Monday, but until then: party!

Just kidding.

Actually, I’m hoping to use the time before I get caught back up in balancing school work to get some stuff done, so I’ve got a to-do list the size of my arm. Oh, well. I’m actually kind of excited about it; you know that feeling where you know you’re going to be able to ACTUALLY cross stuff off your list? Am I the only one that thinks that feeling is boss? Maybe it comes from always having so many things I want to do that I know I’ll never get all of it done.


Today, though, I’m getting the week started on a high note! With yoga done, I have a few hours to write and apply for jobs and complete some other projects before a spin class later today. The BF went back to his home state yesterday evening (boo), and rather than whining about that, I’m trying to keep in mind all the stuff I want to work on so that eventually we can go on more adventures! Currently, all of our adventures have been little ones (voici le food pictures! LOL), which I do appreciate. But…not small adventures; adventures not within a couple of hundred miles, I hope. (Positivity is important, guys!)

In any case, starting on the right foot means getting out of bed, and you have to get your feet on the ground before you can take any of those steps. Furthermore, because I am trying to get my workouts and food re-organized at the same time, I’m trying to keep a pretty tight leash on myself. I feel good when I make good choices, after all. Ha! The first steps, I accomplished, so I want to stay on that path for as long as possible. I rewarded myself today with some BEAUTIFUL empanadas–I don’t usually advocate rewarding yourself with food, but so be it. Sometimes motivation is tough–I’m counting it as a win.

It’s almost summer! And since I have a lot of stuff I want to do, and a lot of fun I want to have, I need to get started. My big (big) goal for this summer? To go to either London or Paris. I haven’t been overseas in 3(ish?) years, and I’m so, so over it. I’ve found the trick to getting to those big goals is identifying those little steps and then just taking them.

One by one.

If I remind myself over and over again, hopefully, I can keep the “right foot” moving forward.

What are your current big goals???



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