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Happy Hump Day you guys!

Uh, so I just realized something.

It’s almost MOTHER’S DAY.

Ah, gosh.

I haven’t planned anything. Just a few days away and I’ve got nothing. I keep seeing these lists: “Gifts for Every Mom”, “Gifts Even for the Sporty Mom”, “Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Kind of Mom”, etc. But these lists have a problem. It doesn’t matter what kinds of mom that they claim to be for, or how many gifts are on the list, or the variety addressed…my¬†mom wouldn’t like any of them. She doesn’t like bags, or jewelry, or spas, or any of that other stuff that people always suggest for gifts for mom.



I love my mom, but she hates EVERYTHING. I say that to people a good amount, but I think people underestimate what I mean by it.


Legitimately, my mom doesn’t like almost anything anyone gets her. So what do you do when you have a mom like mine? One that isn’t interested in anything you can get for them, but still loves you?

WELL–you get creative, of course! I have found that the stuff my mom DOES like is the stuff that reminds her of when I was a kid; the stuff that shows her that I was thinking of her even if it’s ridiculous and stupid. One year, I performed a song. I often draw her large pictures or write her poems. I once bought a book about being a great mom and went through and wrote examples of the stuff in the book and crossed out things and made notes. She LOVED it.


So, here’s my list of child-like “I love mom” gifts for the mom that hates everything else:

  • ART

Yep, you probably could have guessed this one. Draw her a picture, write a poem or a story, sing her a song. If you have additional skills and/or resources, make her a movie, record an album. Gosh, make her an ashtray.

  • A fun photo of you (or you and your family)

For example, one year, I took a picture with the Easter Bunny. I was 26, She thought it was amazing. –sigh–

  • Time

This one always seems obvious for some of us, I think, but a lot of people overlook it. Make her a dinner and really focus on her! Take her to a show; mother/son or mommy/daughter time. Do a paint and sip.

Ridiculous, right? My mom likes the weirdest stuff…but, I figure my mom can’t be the only weirdo, right?? I’m going to get started on my gift…

What are some truly odd or interesting things that your mom has loved???



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4 thoughts on “My Mom is Impossible to Shop For

  • Diones

    My mom is impossible to shop for too! My sisters and i bought her a pandora bracelet and she returned it to buy clothes! Ugh!

  • Alicia-Joy

    This is so funny. My mom is so impossible to shop for either. I absolutely LOVE these suggestions. Get childlike! YES! She would so appreciate a piece of art. I’m a poet but it’s been years since I’ve written her a poem and frame it.

    Thank you for this. Feeling excited.

  • nida

    My mom is Impossible to shop too…. whenever i buy anything expensive she just return me and say its so girly i will borrow from you… and so on and on and on…… thanks for sharing great tips