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I hope your week has been fabulous, all! I’ve had pretty good times, luckily, so I’m trying to appreciate it a bit. I went down to Louisville this weekend for the boyfriend’s sister’s graduation, and I was there for several days. I had a good time, and it was fun watching her cross the stage and all of that. His family was around all weekend, so I definitely had some moments where I was uncomfortable, and not really sure what I should be doing…you know the times? Where you’re frozen because you’re not sure what the right choice is. Wanting to make a good impression can be so stressful. But I’m really glad I went, and the reality is that it’ll get easier over time. I hope.

I came home on Monday, and since then I feel like I’ve had a lot going on, but I don’t know how much I’ve gotten accomplished. I had a meeting for school on Wednesday, and have been contacting people and businesses all week. I don’t know about you, but do you ever just realize an entire day is gone, an entire week is gone, and you have no idea at all where it went?  I feel like I’ve not done much of anything, but then when I list it out, it’s like: “Oh. I guess that IS some stuff.”

At some point, it seems like I just look up and feel like I have been doing nothing but sitting on the internet all day.

I definitely still have a lot to do, some papers to get done, and a couple of freelance assignments to work on, as well. I feel like I got 100 notifications all at once! Ah well, ah well, it’s better than the alternative, right?? If you want to achieve things, you have to grind, after all. Back on it today, for sure!

SO, I’m trying to stay on track–and that led me to think: what things have I wasted my time on this week?

Instagram/Facebook: At LEAST 10 hours.

Petting a cat: 7+ hours.

Taking pictures of cats.


Looking for food.

Eating food.


Looking at pictures of places I can’t travel to, yet.

…………sigh. And that’s definitely a short list. I’ll just have to reel it in, there’s no other option. However, my diet and workouts have been more on track this week, so that’s excellent. Looking at the bright side! Hopefully this week I can pull that back to just a couple of wasted hours! Ha!

What do you find you waste time on??



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