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miami greenLately, I’ve found that I’ve been doing a lot of driving. A LOT a lot. Previously, I didn’t drive more than 9,000 miles a year, but with seeing someone from another state, auditions, and trying to keep up with my writing, the miles have been piling on. I got an oil change back at the beginning of March and was due for another one at the beginning of May! To be fair, we drove my car down to Miami, Florida and back, and I’ve been driving all around the state; back and forth to Cincinnati and Cleveland and back. I love to travel, and lately, a lot of that has been travel by driving. Plus, I’ve basically been spending half of my time in Lousiville, where the boy is, haha.

I like driving, but honestly, I’m not that good at it. The tendency to get lulled into road hypnosis is huge. If I’m even the slightest bit tired, it’s a real struggle. That’s why I’ve preferred flying in the past…but, these days driving is just how it’s been falling! Ah well~ Knowing that I’m not that great of a driver (especially alone) I’ve been trying to come up with things to make the drive a bit easier, safer, and more fun. 

Making the Drive Enjoyable

This is important to me! By myself, driving is kind of boring, and since it takes a lot of time, I’d like to have as good a time possible while doing it. How I do that:


Ha! I love snacks when I’m driving, and they do double duty of keeping me awake for the drive.  When I’m driving is often the only time that I let myself have a lot of the worst snacks that I love (hello, Doritos…)

  • Comfy clothes

Some people have airport outfits (and, don’t worry, I have that, too) but I also have driving outfits! You know, those well-planned, pre-chosen outfits that are JUST the right amount of comfy and cute? No wires, nice and stretchy, the perfect combo of warm and cold for if you want to roll your windows down or use the air. Pick some out! Your cramped lil’ bod will thank you!

  • Music

OBVIOUSLY. Music is life for me, and some of my best music moments are in my car. I usually know what I’ll be listening to in my car before I pull it up. Sometimes I listen to new albums, sometimes I belt out those really -beltable- songs…Adele, Rihanna, and the like. Big pounding bass thumping my whole car driving down a mostly deserted road makes the whole thing worthwhile.

  • Clean

Much like at home, I feel much better when the car is clean and neat. A couple of times getting in and just looking at the dust on the dashboard the whole drive was more than enough to convince me to clean it up. I feel SO much better now when I get in!

  • Take breaks!

I think too many people try to rush a drive when it’s really much more enjoyable when you allow yourself to just relax and take breaks when needed. Get gas, walk around, stretch your legs! Getting there 10 minutes later isn’t so bad.


Travel Safety

Further, when you’re driving a lot, you need to pay close attention to the safety issues for your vehicle! Enjoying your drive is important, but staying safe and keeping your car alive is important, too. The most important things that I have found to check are:

  • Tires

Tires are so important to drivability and maintaining traction on wet roads. They’re also one of the easiest things to check! Keep them filled up and happy and it’ll be good for your car.

  • Wipers

Little worse than finding yourself in a bad rainstorm and ALSO finding that your wipers are sh*t. Haha! One quick visit to an Advance Auto or related store, and they’ll actually replace them for you if you buy them there!

Beyond that, those little lights on the dash MEAN something. Pay attention, and try to take care of stuff before it becomes a large problem, and it’ll save you money in the long run, and keep your trip safer and sweeter. When you travel a lot by car, it’s more important than ever.

What are your driving tips??



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8 thoughts on “Travel by Driving: Keeping your Drive Tolerable

  • Eric || The Bucket List Project

    Driving can suck! I too get lost in road hypnosis and that can sometimes be dangerous. Though I recently had a revelation that driving in the US is kind of boring and that is why it sucks. When you drive in other countries, there aren’t these massive interstates that drive through the vast nothingness! So my recommendation is to drive old American highways! Why? Because they are littered with personality in their little towns. It gives you a great reason to stop, take a breather and discover new adventures you may have missed if you just rode the Interstate system

  • Melissa Jellie

    I never went on a plane until a year ago. Before that, my 24 years of trips were all vis car (including two 28 hour trips). It’s interesting finding ways to entertain yourself. lol

  • Nonee

    Oh no! I have the worst driving tips ever…I tend to drive like a total granny who occasionally has to much caffeine lol. I’m totally a snacker and highway karaoke type of gal.