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Happy Friday, folks! The week’s out and I’m in, doing my thing, as the case may be. My routine is shaky right now, I have a new person at home, exploring the next level of our relationship. I’ve also been sick for the past 2 weeks, so I’ve been resting up, working on schoolwork, writing, and catching up on Supernatural with the fave. My head still feels a bit like it’s underwater, but it’ll do. Especially since I got to spend some time actually underwater in a lovely 88.5-degree pool. Makes it feel a bit more worthwhile, you know? I’m starting to feel a bit better, though, so I’m looking for this week to be more of an upswing. It’s a good thing that I’m pretty ok with organization because I definitely need to keep on track.

Since it’s the summer of change (TM, lol), life is being a little more interesting than usual, right now…

In any case, it’s the second week of June, and I’ve had a new roomie for a little over a week. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of stuff to come, so we’re still trying to settle into a routine. Doing that as a couple is for sure hard in the beginning. In a relationship, we have to think about each other, and sometimes that’s easy to forget.   Today we finally woke up and got going before noon, which has been tough with the fave trying to transition from that 3rd shift life.

Routines can be a struggle. They can be hard to stick to, and for someone who likes a bit of variety, they can be daunting on their own. Once I’m into one, it’s usually not so bad, but getting one started? That’s a whole other story. Plus, with the new addition of the roommate (haha), it’s doubly hard. We’re both trying to start new routines, routines that complement each other, hopefully. A routine that accomplishes both of our separate sets of goals, as well as the ones we have conjointly.

Coming together with another person is always hard, I think. Both of us trying to re-do our day-to-day routine doesn’t make it any easier. It’s kind of nice, though! Talking about this and organizing our thoughts together about what we’re trying to do really just makes me feel even closer to someone I already felt closer to than almost anyone else. But it doesn’t mean we don’t but up against each other at times.

I think routines can have a bit of a bad rep. Routine? Ugh, dull. A rut, even. But really, what is a routine except for a set of habits that you perform regularly? As long as we make sure most of those are good habits, I think it’s mostly a good thing. (Note: I have filled this post with cats because I am sick. <3)

Routine Sleep

For instance; our biggest problem is DEFINITELY our sleep routine. I was only sleeping about 4 hours a night before the bf moved in. He was sleeping on a third shift schedule, and that made coming together VERY difficult. We’d have to try to adjust our schedule together, cutting out naps, getting up early to make sure we’re very tired at night. We’re definitely still struggling a bit, with naps here and there, but things are starting to come together. Thankfully. For the first few days, we were sleeping too late to get anything done, it felt like. Then we had a few days where we were just exhausted. Finally, we’re starting to fall into a little bit of a routine, sleep-wise.

I’m so lucky in that my routine-buddy is of similar mind to me. We both have a lot of goals, and both try to improve ourselves from day-to-day anyway. So, we are both trying to work on our sleep so that we can slide other things into place behind it.

Habit Forming is Hard

Making those habits into the routines we want is really just a time and energy issue. Now that our sleep is starting to fall into place, I’m trying to make sure we stay on track in the other areas we want, too. I make a lot of lists, which thankfully, the bf thinks is cute, since I’ve started making them for him, too. Whomp. He seems to appreciate it, though, and he’s said as much, so my planning personality is okay so far. As we both have tasks we’re working on right now, I want to make sure that we get to dedicate time to both of our things every day…until they become habits. Habits become those routines that we want.

It’s a struggle now, but eventually, it’ll get easier. And we’re both just keeping in mind: we have goals, and we want to get there together, so it’s worth it. <3

Goals #1

What routines do you have, or are you trying to make?



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