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I have three cats. I adore them even though they’re KIND of little jerks. Having a cat is an experience at the best of times I think, but I definitely have cats that are their own brand of weird. People have made comments over and over through the years: “Wow, that cat is so well behaved!” or “That cat is mean”, blah blah. Any number of things I suppose. A cat can be polarizing.

Out of the three, they all have their oddball issues, but the biggest jerk is definitely the oldest cat. At 12 years old, he’s an old man, and he’s as grumpy as you might think he is. He doesn’t love other people. He likes quiet. And he’s easily nervous and agitated. People can’t really pet him, and I’d previously tried to introduce another cat to him…which he promptly attacked. Bummer. He does like cuddles though and likes to play! …with people’s he’s comfortable with, only. Not pictured due to lack of cooperation.

The other two are the babies. Brother and sister, brought into my home right after a breakup when I felt I could give them the proper attention and patience. They’re three years old and so different. EDI (stylization as appropriate, ha) is so friendly and curious and sweet. Everyone loves her!

Luca, on the other hand, is remarkably and inexplicably skittish. Despite always being in my home and being so ridiculously attached to me, he is the biggest scaredy cat I’ve ever seen in my life! He runs from everything and everyone. Except me. I don’t know why, but I muse to myself often about what I could have done to earn his love.
Introducing the babies to my older cat was difficult (and may warrant another post someday), but recently I’ve learned that introducing them to another human may be more interesting.
My boyfriend recently moved into my apartment and aside from all the normal cohabitation issues and questions and such, what has been really interesting and fun is watching him interact with my cats.

Cat (ch) me if you can

He doesn’t have much experience with pets in general, let alone a cat. In the beginning, I was a little concerned about it, actually, because no matter how much I like somebody I ain’t giving up my cats for nobody. But! Luckily… he’s kind of obsessed with them. Sometimes he’ll just stand in the middle of the room and look around. I’ll ask: “are you looking for something?” and he’ll respond: “a cat”. Sigh.
It’s been really sweet! With some gentle guidance, watching them both get more comfortable with each other has been really nice. I’ve been teaching him how to hold them and how to play with them, and it’s crazy to me how little he seems to know. He’s asked why they lick themselves and why they scratch and why…I would never have imagined people not knowing some of it, which is probably a failing on my part, lol.
To watch him (and his routine) go from sniffing at the cat fur and going “Ah! Ah!” when the friendly girl tried to lay on him to calling them and wanting to play with them. Today, he filled up their water on his own and said they looked thirsty, and I cried. To be fair, I am highly emotional right now, haha. But it makes me feel like he’s starting to feel like they’re important to him too, which I love.
It really seems like he’s starting to form his own little bonds with them which really makes me happy.  Even the most skittish of cat in this house has laid down so he could pet them, and I’m thrilled to see everybody coming together so nicely. There’s not much that gives me such contentment as seeing my little family. I love them all after all.
Did any of you have any issues introducing pets to boyfriends or girlfriends?

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