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Best Laid Plans



I make questionable choices. I’ve written about how busy I am and how much I need to focus on time management, yet–I signed up for a half marathon. Ha. Oops. Well, in any case, it’s something I want to do, and have wanted to do for a while! Eventually, I’d like to have a marathon, a duathlon, and a triathlon under my belt as well. So, this seems a great place to start!

About 6 weeks until the half, I didn’t have very long to train. My first hurdle? I hate running. HATE IT. I get bored, my feet hurt, I have a history of getting smacked in the face by my own body parts (you know who you are). It’s hard on the body and hard on the mind, and not particularly fun in return. I imagine that’s part of the reason I want to run in the first place. I like that idea of myself, you know? That person who does something that she hates because it makes her stronger.

So, there we were. While I’m training for the half, I was trying to eat cleaner, attempting to eat 85% clean. Following a pretty strict training schedule (though not that well). Lots of stretching. I was hype! The half was a great way to keep my food on track, and I was doing it with the bf so it was mostly fun.

It was rough. It involved intervals with pretty high intensity running (for me), and I worked out with Cize (™, lol) on top of it, and several long walk/runs (9+ miles). Since I hate running, I’m also not that good at it…but I did my best! (If you’re wondering, I was using this plan with some modifications.) The bf (who is a MUCH better runner) would run ahead during sprints…but at least he always came back. Hahah.


Half marathon carbo-loading


Finally, this week. An email: EVENT CANCELLED. Aw, MAN! At least I’m supposed to get a refund.


All we could do, really! Take stock and re-adjust. What are the good points here?

  • We were conscientious of our eating.
  • I worked out more consistently
  • We will get our money back
  • We can pick a different race and then we have more time to train
  • I now don’t have to get up at 6 am on a Saturday!


Bad points:

  • Bummer, no race.


Now taco-loading

So really, even though we’re both super bummed, over-all, we’re taking this as a good thing and moving on! And, when the refund goes through…Hot Chocolate 10k, here we come! Adaptability points +2.  

How do you respond to sudden plan changes?


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