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  • Tagalog to Brunch!

      Hey folks! It’s been a while, so I’m truly sorry but my time has been kaput these days. But I wanted to take the…

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  • fall, goals

    Fall into Favor

    Hello, Fall! It’s official–it’s October, so it’s Fall. Nevermind that it’s 80 degrees outside. I’m all about mirroring transitions, so I am also transitioning into…

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  • school halfway over

    Halfway Through

    Y’ALL. As of today, I am officially halfway done with graduate school. GRAD SCHOOL IS HALF OVER. Wow. I would never have thought I’d feel…

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  • adaptability

    Best Laid Plans

      I make questionable choices. I’ve written about how busy I am and how much I need to focus on time management, yet–I signed up…

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