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Denver, Colorado: Travel Diary Part 1

Lily Lake in Denver, Colorado
I’m back from Colorado! Hello, dolls!

I’m back in Ohio and ready to rumble! Had a great time last week traveling with my love in Denver, Colorado (and around, haha). I love Ohio–truly. But traveling is one of my most beloved treasures, and while today is back to business as usual, I’m still riding pretty high.
The bf had an entrepreneurial conference to attend and I tagged along as support (and because we’re lame and miss each other). The plan was to go a day early and staying a day late to get some sightseeing in.
I feel like I’ve never really thought about Denver outside of skiing. This week was a really pleasant surprise! I feel a little bad about it now, as Denver was definitely plenty more.

Travel in Denver, Colorado: The Mountains

The first day, we spent mostly hiking and driving. We were exhausted after about 2-3 hours of sleep each but we pushed through anyway, wanting to use our one totally free day to go out to the mountains and do some hiking. So, we rented a car to drive out to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. Man–that drive! Beautiful. I could drive those mountains all day. We were lucky enough to get upgraded on the rental car to a cute little Subaru, which ended up being a huge gift (and as an aside–I loved that car). Driving it around the curves and rivers and rocks was breathtaking, to say the least. Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park were about an hour and a half out and it was so pleasant.
We stopped at Lily Lake and walked for a bit to stretch our legs. We then tried to move on to Ouzel Falls from the Wild Basin trailhead, but were turned away by Rangers due to a search and rescue going on! Bummer. I never was able to find out if they found whoever it was, either. I hope so, I keep thinking about it.



But for us, that meant moving on–at this point we had lost all our signal so we were essentially driving aimlessly, haha. Eventually, we saw a little information sign and pulled in to find a super cute little community center along the highway near Allenspark. We mentioned to the lady manning the desk that we didn’t have cell service, and she deadpanned: “Yeah, no one does, we have landlines up here.” WELL. Ha–nothing we could do about that but she very kindly directed us to a back door trail to the very Falls we had been trying to get to! Wee~
So finally, after that small series of misadventures, we found our trail! I was a little concerned about how we would do–the bae doesn’t have much experience hiking in the first place, and I myself have a history of not doing so well in higher altitudes. But off we went anyway, promising each other to go slow and make sure we told each other at the first sign of altitude sickness.
Turns out, “going slow” was probably an unnecessary promise, what since the entire trail was up an actual mountain.
Ah. Well, what did we know?
Still, even if it took a million years, it was so much fun! We took a ton of pictures and snaps–to save for future signal of course…and man! just being able to spin around and look at that magnificence was amazing. Plus, we got in a few hugs on the mountain. 😉
Just before we made it to the Falls, however, it started to thunder. Well, after seeing multiple spots of forest fire on the way up, no WAY I was hanging out for that, so we turned around and headed back–going down was so much easier. I only fell once. Ha!
Dirty, tired, and so so hungry we went over to a local game restaurant where the bf tried elk for the first time and I had bison…but we were too hungry to take a picture. Oops. I was able to get back in time to attend my grad school meet, too–so all in all, it was an excellent day. By the time we got back to the Air BnB, in Denver proper, it was nearly midnight. I fell asleep so fast that I don’t remember it happening.
Guys. It was AWESOME. Such a great first day. That kind of exhaustion feels so rewarding. And if any of you want to go, I HIGHLY recommend a hike. However! Be prepared! Take enough water! Get a map! Maybe take a compass! Gosh, so dumb that we didn’t even think about losing cell service. Whoopsie. Remember, there’s actual wildlife in those forests, so pay attention! But so much fun, and so worth it. I can’t wait to go back.
That’s probably enough for today, so another recap tomorrow–if you got this far! 🙂



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