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Halfway Through

school halfway over


As of today, I am officially halfway done with graduate school.


Eating salad from a box in 20 seconds

Wow. I would never have thought I’d feel like this when I started grad school, a little bit on impulse. I’d thought about it, of course, but I’d really only called my school for information. When they told me that I could get to start for the current semester if I hurried…I just kind of said ‘okay’. Leave it to me to be suddenly in grad school.

Well, now it’s suddenly half over, and I’m super pleased. I’ll admit, I’m pretty continuously stressed out right now. I have 2+ jobs and I always have homework to work on. (Hence my absence for far too long, too.) Trying to maintain a workout schedule and meal prep has been tough. But the stress is all kind of pleasant too; I know I get more done, and I know all this hard work will be worth it, in oh…about 7 months.


Feeling good post workout

It’s so funny, how life can change from one year to the next. This time last year? I was in a soulless, government, office job that didn’t care about me, and I had stopped caring about it. Talking about quitting for 5 years, but the pay was SO good, and it just never happened. I was scared, really. Scared to take that leap into the unknown, and so finally I had to just quit. No job, no safety net. But it had to be done.


I’m not even where I will be yet, and I’m so much happier. This stress is nothing–exhilarating, even–especially compared to the crushing feeling I got every day walking into that place. I’m so glad I took the leap.


And, grad school is half over. The classes get harder from here on, but I’ve been able to keep my ‘A’ average so far, so fingers crossed. I can feel the swell underneath me, and I just have to stay on it.  And so I have a free weekend this weekend (the first in ages!) and I’m going to set myself up for success–meal prep, schedules, and the like. 


Mexican style corn a la celebration


To that end, hopefully, I’ll check in a lot more! This one is random but, I’m going to enjoy my weekend. Love ya!




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